'billy the kid' 

My sole ambition at the age of 12 years was to become a feared 'Outlaw Biker' and ride with 1 % 'ers. This dream became a reality while I was still a teen. My 'handle' which I earned  while riding with a crew was 'Billy The Kid' and I done this name proud through fighting, doing drugs, riding bikes, stealing and hating non-brotherhood peasants, all this took place in one of the most violent cities in the world i.e. Johannesburg.

This Lifestyle was about to KILL ME ! or worse put me in PRISON ! for a very long time.

Than ONE SPECIAL NIGHT my life took and an amazing turn !!!.........................................God answered my mothers prayers !

We in the process of  producing a film based on my life story and how an Almighty God gave  me a second chance.

This film will bring Hope to millions caught in the grips of drugs, hatred and  gangsterism. We will keep you posted via this website and Social Media as to the progress.