From the time I committed my life to Christ I had a passion to ensure young people do not take the same course in life as I did. I got involved in our local church and led the youth for many years. It was an amazing time as many young people gathered at this small little church. We spent many years taking young people on Mission trips into Africa and abroad.

Early in 1993 I started a pioneering Youth Travel business focusing on Youth development through outdoor adventures in Sub-Sahara Africa. This pioneering adventure  offered a mixture of Adventure, Community upliftment programs, cultural embrace, education, conservation and life skills. We also welcomed troubled teenagers on our Teen Biking adventures specially customized to present life skills etc deep in the wild places of Africa.

Today I am semi-retired but still offer private tours into Africa. My wife and I also offer consulting services to the tourism industry, be it travel, hospitality, adventure, volun-tourism etc. 

We currently focussing on getting my life's story onto film. We trusting the Lord to open up miraculous doors to this end, please continue to pray with us, the Script has been written by a professional Writer and Producer from New Zealand,  we now moving into the pre-production phase.