THE STORY ..........            

With the limited space available I will give you a short in-site into how God changed my life "Forever".

I must admit that I do not have any excuse for the direction my life took. It was choices I made bad choices at that. I was raised in a God fearing home and my parents loved Jesus and went to church on a regular basis. I enjoyed church for a while but as the teen years drew closer peer pressure got closer, I started getting into the drug scene & things around me started to become so attractive hence the name of the book I wrote " Deceived"  .

I was drafted into the South African Navy to do military service and for me this was an opportunity to check out the drug & gang scene on the Cape flats... ' It rocked', here was this white bro 'hitting the streets' on weekends and "time off' in this so called " non white area" with a local gang. It wasn’t long and I hooked up with a girl whose brother was master of arms for Mau Mau's known to be one of the largest and vicious gangs on the cape flats, just as there counterparts in Kenya many years ago.

The year in the Navy turned out to be disastrous as I look back today, first my mother died while I was in the navy, I was in military hospital because of my drug use, I was charged for malicious damage to property when I went on the rampage in a hotel in Cape Town, man this could just not get any freaking worse.

On completion of my training my dad commented that in fact I looked worse than I did before I went into the military. Not long after the end of my military service I once again connected with the HELLS ANGELS whom I had known and idolised for many years.

I was invited by a friend in the Angels to "tag along" to a meeting and eventually to meet the local Chapter - East Rand. It was not long and I was attending weekly meetings and going out with " The Crew" at every opportunity.

I was at that stage the youngest member and loved fighting so earned the nickname ' Billy The Kid '. I quickly fitted into this subculture of bikes, fighting, women and some things I cannot tell. During the day I would hook up with a gang doing robberies and drugs and at night became this possesed biker who hated everyone who was not part of the 'brotherhood' (they were 'peasants') I loved hurting people the bigger the better. After many close encounters with death, God began to work and answer the prayers of a Christian mother who never stopped believing that God could deliver her son from darkness, even on her deathbed I believe she longed for my salvation. 

Many things happened after this,  I would love to tell you more but lets focus on the night things started to change drastically :

Back home after an accident and running from God, alone trying to start  over at the age of 21. One Night while standing on the second floor of a hostel I was approached by a young man and invited to a church service, after showing my irritation and refusing I walked away but could not sleep the  entire weekend

Early the next week, in a state and lack of sleep I decided to attend the church service, to try get my life sorted out. The meeting was canceled it seemed and by this time I felt like I could explode. Ran to my room, fell on my knees all alone and wept for the first time in years. I asked God if it was possible to forgive me for all I had done this continued for I don’t know how long but while I was weeping there was a knock at the door.

At first I was embarrassed to open but the knocking was persistent, eventually I washed my face opened the door and there was a man dressed in a jacket and tie. He told me that while sitting at home God had told him that someone was in desperate need, he drove as God directed him and stopped at the hostel walked up and down the 3 storey building and each time he passed my door God would urge him to knock. The minute he told me his story I knew God cared and was real and that God had just heard my desperate cry for help and forgiveness. The fact that God would send someone directly to my door overwhelmed me than and does the same for me some 40 years later.

God is so good to me I was instantly delivered from drugs although I suffered with "flashbacks" for a few years it was soon over. I am now married and have 3 wonderful children and 8 beautiful grandchildren. I have been involved with youth & students for many years and God has used me over the years to share my testimony with thousands of young people from all over the  world