Well here we are 2010 two years ago I said to the Lord " Lord if I have another 20 years left that I can physically do amazing things for you than open the doors and I will go anywhere in the world " (I know I dont need to do things for God to get favour I do them because I love Him so much) With no specific place on my heart I decided to wait on God spending many days fasting and praying.

Well as we know our God works in mysterious ways, as he did with Abraham who had to leave his land and country, or the disciples who left family and friends for the sake of the gospel. So doors started to close as the economy began to put pressure on many businesses including our business of 14 years things got more difficult, with sleepless nights, tears and grief we asked God if it was time to do something for Him on a more pemanent basis. While doors where closing on one side so other doors began to open for us to share the Gospel around the world.

...................(to be continued )